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Light Your Path
Half day Retreats

Half day retreats are important opportunities to “retreat” from one’s daily life in order to cultivate greater mindfulness, concentration, tranquility and insight, and also supporting our practice by practicing in community.


You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga; you only need to be as you are. 


The retreats are held mostly in silence and include periods of sitting and restorative movements, instructions,  sound therapy, and an opportunity to ask questions of the teacher.  They are suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.  

The IPATH Yoga & Wellness Center, offers its  Half day retreats in-studio and online. on Saturdays, with the next one offered October 29th.   They will take place in our studio

The IPATH Yoga & Wellness Center

4401 East West Hwy suite 200 & 202

Bethesda, MD. 20814

Register for Daylong Online Retreats here

Slow down Nourish  Calm

Half Day retreat  1-5

Saturday, October 29, 2022


Let this be an opportunity to come together in breath, movement and stillness. We begin our retreat with Integral Postural Alignment Restorative Yoga, adding gentle yoga poses, and somatic movement. An integral focus of re-educating the way our brain senses and moves the muscles, and joints, creating pathways for sensory awareness and fluid Movement,


You will leave rejuvenated, energized, re-focused with a new sense of calm and serenity. 

We are thrilled to have Satayam back to help us with a sound healing journey. She will help us retreat with ocean sounds, and healing vibrations using chimes and crystal bowls. 

Relax, release, and renew your body and mind..

Lemon and lime water will keep you hydrated and, a light one course vegetarian meal, spice tea, organic wines, and vegan chocolates will be served to complete your retreat experience.


Appropriate for both beginners and experienced yogis.

You’ll float out of this time together feeling revitalized and relaxed

$75. in studio

$50 -livestream

What Our Clients Say

Maternity Meditation Class

Our Light Your Path retreats, will help explore more about what is available for you inside and out. I look forward to helping you explore deeper. -Denese Cavanaugh

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