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  • What is the IPATH Method?
    IPATH is an acronym for Integral Postural Alignment Therapeutics, founded in 2012 respectively, as a style of yoga with the intention of relieving chronic pain, improving neuromuscular function, and harmonizing mental health conditions. The IPATH Method integrates yoga tools such as restorative yoga poses, breathwork, and somatic movement with sequences that ultimately eliminate back/body pain along with a benefit of reeducating "form and function" for the purpose of maintaining good posture off the mat. Therapeutic practices are typically practiced one on one. This unique method cultivates an awareness of potential immobility, imbalances and restrictions that may arise using five integral poses and sequences making the practice accessible to group classes taught at yoga studios, gyms and clinical facilities. Helping more to heal! Many come to know and enjoy the transformation of IPATH after other passive forms of release have failed. IPATH mat pilates is a compliment to IPATH yoga. IPATH yoga is a release and joint freeing practice. It creates space and decompresses the spine, creating a pathway for the body to balance. IPATH mat pilates, will build strength, mobility, using classical pilates exercises, along with the philosophy of Integral Postural Alignment Therapeutics. Review our training curriculum
  • Which languages are available for the IPATH® training?
    Currently English, Italian, and Spanish. The German translation will be added in 2025. We are seeking Master trainers for Brazil to add Portuguese to our training.
  • What is the difference between restorative yoga and therapeutic yoga?
    While Yoga Therapy isn't a new modality, more and more people are realizing the value of a practice which heals the whole human body and its systems. Yoga practices typically focus on physical postures and breathwork. Restorative practices use props to help the body deeply relax. Yoga therapeutic practices tailor postures and various breathing sequences for specific health conditions.
  • Why do I need to buy the IPATH® decompression balls? I already have a tennis ball I can use.
    Teachers are given a pair of decompression balls to practice with during the training. The IPATH balls are soft and specifically designed to decompress the spine and align joints in the body. In the IPATH Method, we don't advise using tennis balls to manipulate fascia, since it has been known to bruise fascia. There are other more dense balls or rollers which certified and trained teachers use that can be very effective for myofascial release. BUT and big BUT! We don't use our IPATH ball for myofascial release. We begin MFR using held poses and yoga blocks for a more organic experience.
  • Are there tests? If so, what happens if I don't pass the tests?
    Each module progressively builds upon competencies learned in each module, creating safe, and effective sequences in preparation for Module 4 case studies and practicum. Assessments and testing is an important step to discover gaps in comprehension. Our tests provide learning outcomes that describe measurable skills, abilities, knowledge or values that students should be able to demonstrate as a result of completing each module throughout the course. ​​Our testing enables better metacognitive monitoring for both students and teachers because it provides feedback as to how well learning is progressing. Our rubric grading system is set up to help better evaluate students' individual strengths and weaknesses. The IPATH yoga program includes 5 mentor hours, which can be used to help trainees who fall behind.
  • I'm a licensed nurse, but I am not a certifed yoga teacher. Am I eligible to take this course to teach in the hospital?
    Compliments on your healing abilites as a licensed nurse! IPATH yoga 75 hr.continuing education course is registered with Yoga Alliance and serves as a step toward therapeutic yoga techniques for teachers wishing to deepen and advance their skills.. We find teachers, healthcare pros, and healers who have a committed yoga practice for more than one year and who currently teach yoga or a healing practice are well prepared for the advanced practices of Integral Postural Alignment Therapeutics. This program is appropriate for certified yoga teachers, healthcare pros, and therapists. We suggest micro credentialing courses which are usually specialized weekend courses, yoga programs such as Pranayama, Restorative online courses, and so many more offerings that would be beneficial to take prior to taking this advanced training course. is a popular platform with yoga programs that would help cultivate a basic yoga familiarity with its' philosophies and practices.
  • When are the training Meet & Greet, dates?
    Meet & Greet info sessions are important for potential trainees to get to know the practice and physically try the practice. The M&G sessions are free. It is a 90 minute livestream recorded zoom session offered to teachers and healthcare professionals, This info is opportunity to "feel" the unique IPATH® release before taking the course. There is time available for Q&A, and a syllabus review to determine if the program is a right fit for you to teach. Here is our training calander:
  • How many months do I have to complete the 75 Hr. IPATH Yoga course?
    It typically takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete. Module 1 = 16-18 hours Module 2 online - 20-25 hours Module 3 = recorded zoom livestream 18 hour weekend Module 4 = 15 - 20 hours The variation in contact and non-contact hours is based on the final training schedule decided by the host studio/facility. The course is 75 hours, and includes 5 mentor hours, practicum, and case studies. The online components in Module 2, uses videos, written content, class observations, and assessments.
  • Can I purchase only Module 1?
    Unfortunately it would be impossible to learn everything there is to know in order to teach The IPATH Yoga effectively in one module. The 75 hour IPATH yoga program is a continuing education course.
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