Time is TBD | ONLINE Modules -Module 3 virtual practice

ITeacher Training IPATH® Restorative Yoga

Rethink chronic back/body pain. Learn this unique technique that will unlock, tension, joint pain and revitalize your students. IPATH® Integral Postural Alignment takes the mystery of out myofascial release, ending in skeletal realignment with 5 "self-adjusting” poses. Tuition $850

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Time is TBD
ONLINE Modules -Module 3 virtual practice

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75 Hr. IPATH Restorative Yoga Fundamentals ONLINE Certification

Train online anytime/anywhere- Online sign-in platform on www.theipathmethod.com

The online program consists of 25 on-demand videos ( on youtube translatable using google translate), written tests, and essays.

It is also the perfect springboard to the Comprehensive Programs that are offered in the U.S. and globally. The Mat Program is often taught as a part of the Comprehensive Program and is the same curriculum for U.S. and international students.

Module 1  Body Mapping 20 hrs

Techniques, Training & Practice 2 hrs I Anatomy 8 hrs I Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics 5 hrs I Teaching Methodology 5 hrs

  • What is fascia, as it relates to IPATH?
  • How Myofascial release techniques release pain
  • Identifying typical myofascial hiding spots
  • How tight fascial limits and restricts the body/how to access it
  • What is tensegrity as it relates to IPATH?
  • What is Chronic Pain?
  • How to assess body alignment
  • Test

Module 2   Biomechanics Of Movement  20 hrs

Anatomy & Physiology 10 hrs I Teaching Methodology 5 hrs I Anatomy & Physiology 5 hrs

  • Posture with breathwork & Subtle Body
  • Skeletal System
  • The symmetrical body & fourth chakra
  • Joint Motions defined
  • Common imbalances
  • Vitruvian philosophy
  • How to support an imbalance body
  • Test

Module 3  Sequencing Integral Postural Alignment Techniques 20 hrs  ( Livestream/ offered 6 times per year)

Techniques, Training & Practice 15 hrs I Teaching Methodology 5 hrs

  • The IPATH approach to pain management with 5 poses
  • Learn verbal cues
  • IPATH and 5 Koshas
  • Block Placement - body assessment
  • Breathwork with awareness to opening
  • Heart Opener / Halo / Hammock/ Soft Bridge
  • Restorative poses: Somatic
  • IPATH decompression ball - 3 postural trigger points
  • Primary principles taught for beginner to intermediate to advanced students
  • Practicum with a live class on Zoom

Module 4  Applied Teaching Case Studies for Certification 15 hrs

Techniques, Training & Practice 10 hrs I Teaching Methodology 5 hrs

  • 60 - 75-minute class sequence and development comprehensive program is discussed for private/group classes
  • Study effects of transformation
  • Group and client case study practicum
  • Group and client case study class practicum

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