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Tecniche di allineamento posturale integrale  
  • What is the IPATH Method?
    IPATH is an acronym for Integral Postural Alignment Therapeutics. It was founded in 2012- with teacher training in 2017 The IPATH ®Method is an evolutionary therapeutic practice to release chronic muscle contractions, stress, and realign the human body. We address the major joints of the body, as well as the fascia, organs, and bones, resulting in greater ease of movement. The secret to the success of IPATH’ing gives hope to so many pain sufferers. The body is put in an active rest state, and melts- letting go of stress and tension, while at the same time guided with held restorative postures, and somatic movement that frees the joints and balances the whole body. This practice is suitable for all ages and genders. The 60 -90 minute practices are designed to offer physical, emotional, and mental wellness relief.
  • Which languages are available for the IPATH® training?
    Currently English, Italian, and Spanish. The German translation will be added in 2024. We are seeking Mastertrainers for Brazil to add Portuguese to our training. The online training consists of 60 YouTube study videos. These videos are linked to Spanish and Italian, and are translatable in any language using the "google" translation button at the bottom of each video. We have recently added language tabs to our site
  • When are the training Meet & Greet, dates?
    Meet & Greet info sessions are important to schedule out time to get to know about the practice and to physically try the practice. The M&G sessions are free. It is a 90 minute livestream teachers meet and greet session offered to healthcare professionals, as a way to introduce the method. This masterclass gives teachers and practitioners an opportunity to "feel" the unique IPATH® release for themselves before taking the course. You get to meet and greet with an IPATH® Mastertrainer (an IPATH® teacher certified to train teachers for certification), there is time available for Q&A, and our demo sequences. Our Meet & Greet session is an opportunity to review the training syllabus and to verify certification credentials necessary to complete the 75 HR IPATH restorative yoga continuing education course. Applicants will have to apply to take the course. Here is our training calander:
  • How many months do I have to complete the 75 Hr. IPATH Restorative Yoga Fundamentals course?
    There is no expiration date! Begin/ End when it is convenient for you. You may being Module 1 any time, any where. What's wonderful about our online training is you are the boss! You should plan your studies around Module 3, which is livestream or in-studio 20 hour weekend- applying the principles and foundations from Mod 1 & 2. With an IPATH Master Teacher, Mod 3 weekend using a manual, real students, adjustments and experiential applications. Module 3 training dates are scheduled 4 times per year: please see updated training schedule Module 4 : is the case study module for certification. That module would need to be completed 6 weeks after completing Module 3.
  • Is it necessary to renew my IPATH® certification?
    Once you are certified, you may register your certification with Yoga Alliance under continuing education courses for CEC's. This is under The IPATH Method on the Yoga Alliance website. If you are not a member of Yoga Alliance, you may join. The IPATH® Restorative Yoga certification is valid for 2 years, and you are listed in our teachers database on our teachers page. You may renew your certification every two years and you would need to complete 30 CE credits, along with a renewal fee of $35.00 towards to renew. CE- continuing education credits can be obtained from any continuing education provider who offers workshops, training courses, lectures, etc. You may also use any IPATH® method courses and webinars to maintain your cec’s. If you complete 40 teaching hours within two years from the first date of certification, You will be registered as E-IPATH teacher (E= experienced) To renew and obtain E-IPATH teacher status, you would only need to renew one IPATH certification course. For example; You were certified in March 2019 for IPATH®® Restorative and completed IPATH Mat Pilates in December 2020. You will need to renew your IPATH® certification by March 31, 2021, to satisfy the renewal requirements, and won’t have to renew until March 2023. In this example, the IPATH® Mat Pilates covers 15 cec’s, and you would need another 15 along with a total of 40 IPATH® teaching hours. This renewal will automatically fulfill the IPATH® Mat Pilates cec requirements, and any other IPATH ®certification course. 75 hr IPATH® Restorative Yoga cec's = 40 20 hr IPATH® Mat Pilates cec's = 15 25 hr IPATH® II, deeper injuries/pathology & IPATH prenatal cec's = 20 30 hr IPATH ®Mastertrainer course cec's = 25
  • Can I purchase only Module 1?
    Unfortunately it would be impossible to learn everything there is to know in order to teach The IPATH Restorative Yoga effectively in one module. We offer this course to healthcare professionals and expect a certain amount of knowledge already known in anatomy and physiology. The foundation of this course is myofascial release techniques which are taught by many. Since IPATH begins with MFR, there is much more that the teacher would need to learn to comprehend the specifics of integral postural alignment therapeutics.
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Il metodo IPATH ®, tecniche di allineamento posturale integrale è orgoglioso di essere accreditato con Yoga come fornitore approvato di formazione continua.

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