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Integral Postural Alignment Therapeutics

Sollievo dal dolore alla schiena

Poiché viviamo più a lungo, dobbiamo prenderci cura del nostro corpo per rimanere indipendenti. IPATH è specificamente progettato per il sollievo e la prevenzione delle forme più comuni di disturbi scheletrici e della mobilità.

Allineamento della postura

Attraverso una serie di pose rilassanti reclinabili, IPATH consente al corpo di trasformarsi in un allineamento naturale e ripristinarsi da abitudini posturali disallineate accumulate, lesioni o dolore cronico. Sii fiducioso e vivi una vita all'insegna del benessere.

Consapevolezza del sonno

IPATH è più di una semplice lezione o pratica, ma un'auto comprensione di come funzionano i nostri corpi. Attraverso migliori abitudini di sonno e piccoli cambiamenti nella nostra vita quotidiana, IPATH crea un cambiamento sostenibile.

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Begin your healing path

Ripristinare il naturale allineamento schiena / corpo in modo che i nostri corpi possano rimanere indipendenti per le nostre vite più lunghe.

The IPATH® Method

Man mano che la nostra postura si deteriora, le articolazioni si restringono e la differenza tra muscoli tesi e deboli crea stress. Questi squilibri, rigidità e perdita di movimento portano a segnali di sovracompensazione e dolore in tutto il corpo.

Sulla base della nostra crescente conoscenza del corpo umano, IPATH® integra il rilascio miofasciale, la terapia del punto trigger, il pranayama (respirazione) e le tecniche di allineamento per abbattere gli strati di cattive abitudini accumulate e costruire la forza muscolare strategica.

Il metodo IPATH® è unico non perché iniziamo con un rilascio miofasciale, ma perché non ti lasciamo lì! La pratica consente al corpo di ripristinare la forma più naturale ed efficiente con l'allineamento e la manipolazione ossea attraverso il respiro e il rilassamento intenzionali, consentendo trasformazioni permanenti. IPATH® è progettato per funzionare con tutti i corpi, i livelli di mobilità e fitness.

There are two groups who come to IPATH®...those who have tried other therapies with little success, or those who have heard of the IPATH® results from friends and doctors. Back/Body pain is real! 


Read what clients and teachers say: 



Joyce C.

"I tried everything from acupuncture, cortisone even hanging upside down, trying to relieve back pain. The results had always been temporary.  I went to an IPATH workshop after reading how it could help my scoliosis. Not only did I find relief from pain after my first session, but after a few sessions I was hooked because it felt very relaxing. And so far after 9 months, I am pain free and my spine has been corrected. Nothing temporary about it. IPATH is a must!"

Helen Brunner Sp small.png

Helen B.

"Denese has transformed my body in ways I couldn't even imagine when I started working with her in 2015 as part of the recovery from a bad fall. She put me on the path I have been struggling to find for decades. I am committed to aging well, and she has helped me make that commitment a reality."


Rodger T.

"I had been suffering from acute pain from herniated discs, for longer than I'd like to remember, until a friend recommended IPATH. I no longer have back pain, and have learned to sleep on my back, which Denese highly recommends. She has also helped my family members. We are all more erect and I have literally grown more than half and inch in one year! I highly recommend IPATH® for anyone with back and joint pain."

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Dr. Richard Cohen

"The IPATH Method has saved my life! Once so stiff, I laid in bed hoping to get better. Now able to live a better quality of the life I had missed. I now play all of my favorite sports and sleep like a baby. I'm 70 and began this necessary practice 8 years ago."


Barbara Stevens

"Sure, I have back pain, who doesn't? After just one IPATH session, I was hooked! It was so relaxing I actually fell asleep. Somehow emerged feeling taller and for many days, back pain had subsided. I know I have more to do, but since there are no exercised involved just resting in restorative positions, has given me a new lease on life."


Sandra Graves

"Thank you for creating  IPATH. Plagued with back pain as far back as I hate to remember. Not only is IPATH easy to do, but every time I take a class, I feel in complete control of my posture and amazed that after one year, I have no more back pain. No more useless cortisone shots, just decompression. Unbelievable!"

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